Episode 002 – FlexScreen with Joe Altieri

We discuss a new innovative screen system that is truly revolutionary

Joe Altieri resized Photo

Joe Altieri

Joe is the Inventor, Developer, and President of FlexScreen. In September of 2015 FlexScreen won the “Crystal Achievement Award” for the most innovative window component of 2015. Check it out in Window & Door Magazine by clicking on the ARTICLE.

In this episode we get to know a little about Joe; discuss how he came up with the idea for FlexScreen; and review some important FAQs you need to know. Their website can be accessed by clicking on this link: FlexScreen website.  You will find a number of videos and a wealth of information.

  1. FlexScreen can be retrofitted for existing windows. For more information click on the link explaining how to PURCHASE RETROFIT FLEXSCREEN
  2. FlexScreen can be repaired if the cloth becomes torn. To learn more, click on the link to watch REPAIR VIDEO.  The tool needed to repair a torn screen that was discussed in the video; as well as in the podcast; can be purchased at Amazon.com. Here is the link for REPAIR TOOL. The special tip needed can be purchased directly from FlexScreen.
  3. For more information about FlexScreen, please e mail Joe directly: joealtieri@flexscreen.net. Mention you heard about FlexScreen on “Lesko Talks Windows” and Joe will handle your request personally.

Episode 001 – With Jim Plavecsky

We discuss warm edge spacer systems

Jim Plavecsky

Jim Plavecsky

Jim is a leading expert in the window and door industry. In this episode we discuss warm edge spacer systems. To follow Jim on Twitter and receive updates about his blog; just click on his profile picture. You will be directed to Jim’s account.

This is a must listen if you want to know about the benefits of warm edge technology.