Episode 001 – With Jim Plavecsky

We discuss warm edge spacer systems

Jim Plavecsky

Jim Plavecsky

Jim is a leading expert in the window and door industry. In this episode we discuss warm edge spacer systems. To follow Jim on Twitter and receive updates about his blog; just click on his profile picture. You will be directed to Jim’s account.

This is a must listen if you want to know about the benefits of warm edge technology.

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4 thoughts on “Episode 001 – With Jim Plavecsky

  1. Great job Jim Lesko! Especially liked the “rope spacer” story from the 1800’s. Been in the industry 30 years and never heard that! Good down to earth Warm Edge information about these products that have been vital to the growth of our industry. Your interview makes me realize how long it’s been since I first started with Thermal Ind. filling spacers with desiccant! Thanks Jim!

  2. Great Job to both “Jims” ……………..great history of spacer and I/G products. Keep up the good work.