Episode 003 – with Jim Larsen

We discuss Low e Glass and Energy Codes

Jim Larsen

Jim Larsen

Jim Larsen is the Director of Technology Marketing for Cardinal Glass. He has 30 plus years experience in the Fenestration Industry, and is a Mechanical Engineer by trade.  Jim servers on a number of boards, including the N.F.R.C. (National Fenestration Rating Council). His area of expertise is research and development; as well as engineering codes for the glass industry. Jim Larsen is a household name to those in the glass industry. He has written numerous articles, and is considered to be one of the leading experts his field. In this episode Jim sheds light on a number of misunderstandings about Low e Glass; and clarifies the best applications for different Low e coatings to meet today’s energy codes with a focus on environmental comfort.  Click HERE for Cardinals website.

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One thought on “Episode 003 – with Jim Larsen

  1. Excellent presentation. Brought me back up to speed on various Low-E coatings and Energy Star ratings. Thanks Jim.