Episode 004 – with Jake Jacobson

"A Day in the Life of an In Home Salesperson"

Jake Jacobson

Jake Jacobson

In this episode Jake drops priceless “value bombs”, and still only a small sample of what we can learn from him.  A little longer episode than usual, but so much value that it’s well worth the listen.

Jake Jacobson has been in the home remodeling industry for more than 40 years and is a published writer of many in-home sales related articles.

He believes in the one call close, working hard & working smart as well as learning something new every day.

Over & above Jake’s skills of managing & training sales people, he currently still runs leads himself, selling over $1,000,000 in business each year.

Jake’s positive attitude is the productive mainstay of his every day work ethic and has long been his method of selling success, training every prospect to say YES.

Link to Jake’s WEBSITE   To e mail Jake: trainyes@verizon.net

Jake is a huge Baltimore Fan (He bleeds purple)

Jake is an avid Baltimore Fan (He bleeds purple, so don’t hold that against him)

Jake is also a huge sports fan!  He offers courses for personal trainers on how to successfully sell their training programs.

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