Episode 005 with Paul Castain

"A Warm Sales Call Trumps A Cold Call EVERY Time"

Paul Castain

Paul Castain

Paul is Vice President of Castain Training Systems. He helps sales reps, sales leaders and business owners sell more! Do I hear a resounding YES!

This is what Paul will tell you he does:  “Trainer of aspiring sales rock stars, keeper of the whupass and Jedi wannabe! Oh, and I write a really cool sales blog ”  OK, what can I say, Paul is from New York so cut him some slack! He’s not your everyday boring classroom trainer. He lives and works in the real world.

Paul has over 30 years of experience. He’s trained, developed, and mentored over 10,000 sales and sales leadership professionals for some of the leading companies in America. Paul is also very active on social media; he owns a group on LinkedIn called, “Sales Playbook Group”, with 60,000 members.

“A most recent study tells us that 98% of cold calls are ineffective”

“23 minutes, 15 seconds, is the average time it takes, for us to get back on task, after an interruption in that activity. So if you have, even the lowest level decision maker, receiving a minimal amount of calls, you have someone, who just lost a big chunk of their day. This is why you’re getting gunned down (almost) from “Hello”, well that, and the fact that most sales reps, HAVE NOT been properly trained to deal with this!

Paul also has his own podcast called “The Sales Playbook Podcast” where you can listen to sales tips and stories free. He has over 150 episodes.

Head over to Paul’s Website to find everything you need to know about how to connect, or to learn more about Paul’s training and coaching.

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