Episode 010 With David Weis

"LEADERSHIP" A Special Icons of the Industry series

David Weis 2016

In this special series we discuss the legendary leadership of David Weis.  David started Modern White Manufacturing  in 1960, but the name was changed to Thermal Industries in 1968 when David and his partner Eric Rascoe decided to take the company public.  Here are some of the firsts that deserve special recognition, as well as qualifying David to be featured as an “ICON OF THE INDUSTRY”.

The photo to the left is David explaining what it was like in the early days.

Founder of Modern White Mfg


  • 1960 Industry First Vinyl Storm Window
  • 1964 Industry First Custom Vinyl Replacement Window
  • 1968 Dual-Glazed Tilting Insulated Glass Vinyl Replacement Window
  • 1970 In-house Vinyl Extruding
  • 1977 Industry First Custom Bow and Bay Window
  • 1979 Industry First Custom Casement Window with Fusion-Welded Frame and Sash
  • 1983 Custom Vinyl Garden window
  • 1985 Industry First Custom V-Bow

Thermal Industries Inc. was also listed twice in the Forbes top 100 fastest growing small publicly held companies in the United States.

Here is a link to the “Lesko Talks Windows” Facebook page where photos can be viewed of the individuals featured on the show. There are other interesting photos as well. Just click on the individual photo to see details. If you don’t have a Facebook account the photos will still be able to be viewed. Please be sure to leave a comment, and like the page.

Davids E Mail address is:  retrovinylwindows@gmail.com  Feel free to drop him a note.

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4 thoughts on “Episode 010 With David Weis

    • Thanks Tony, Everyone worked together as a team, including you! I still remember, you were the first person to teach me how to install a window before I became Skips helper. You were very good at training.

  1. Jim, I really enjoyed the presentation on Thermal and David Weis. You really hit the nail on the head by bringing out the characteristics that David had in creating and running the business. His relationships, his philosophy, his entrepreneurship and his leadership are apparent in the interviews. I am pleased with the whole picture that you created.
    Best wishes and Thank you,
    Eric Rascoe